This week on PIC! Guess That P.I.C!

This week is EXTRA special for PIC. We are… kinda coming out of the closet. Yes, you heard me right, we’re letting you see the man behind the curtain! (women in our case)

For an entire week we are giving you recs and interviews of the people who make up the Partners in Crime by the partners themselves. But there is a catch…There is always a catch.

We aren’t just going to give the answers away. Who do you think we are? We’re turning it into a contest!

The person who can guess the most right Partners, gets a prize!

After reading all of the posts for the week, go here and fill out this ballot with your answers. You have until April 1st 10AM EST to get them in. The winner(s) will be chosen that night!

Watch the blog this week for a chance to win!

NOTE: Prof. Plum is on a sabbatical so that is the only identity that is not showing up this week. Maybe next time folks.

In order to make room for this weeks Guy of the Week, lets look at last weeks guy, Kellan Lutz!

Top Five Reasons to Love Kellan Lutz!

1. He is athletic 

2. He loves animals!

3. His infectious smile

4. He knows how to work a hat

5. He is the new face/body of Calvin Klein! (Marky Mark who?)

Thats why we love the K. Lutz!!

Catch us tomorrow with our new Guy of the week!

5 Reasons to love Peter Facinelli!

1. He’s a loving father!

2. He’s athletic!

3. He knows how to have fun!

4. He is just plain SEXY!


Guy of the Week on PIC is none other than Peter Facinelli!

Highlights of our Guy of the Week! Jackson Rathbone!